Just how much bad should it get to realize it’s enough! – Delhi, it’s time to change.

At every news channel, after every few days, you just a hear a horrible tale of an innocent girl or woman being a victim of vicious crimes. Eve-teasers have become common now. Any college girl you meet in Delhi, and you would hear some thing from her. But what is the worst part of this is the way the crimes are treated in this city, or appropriately, by the “people of this city.”

A boy can whistle or touch or for that matter pull a girls scarf at one of the busiest bus stops in this city, and the others would merely look, ignore or chat with each other rather than noting down the no. of the bike or catching the guy and giving him a lesson of his life ! This is city has become so unsafe that I am scared that if I am not strong enough, I would not even get any help. It is me, and only me for myself. 

Delhi. You were my love once. But now whenever I think of you….I feel disgusted. If anything, you should be ashamed for what you have become.

For how long as a city are we going to tolerate such crimes against women. How many more have to face the brunt before the authorities realize it’s time. Yes, today we are talking about strict punishments. It is good. I am happy that we are trying to do something in action now. But it is still not enough. It will never be enough if we do not sensitize ourselves towards the security of women, and the way they are treated in this city.

My heart goes out to those girls who have been suffering such crimes, and I hope and pray for justice to them. For those for whom this all this is just some bad news, think about your daughters, wives and sisters on a bus stop being eve-teased by a go-byers. Would you just stand and watch! Let’s make this Delhi what it used to be, and not a monster city where every corner is scary.


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