Do you still read Enid Blyton ?

Many of you would be thinking why this question. Well, as I watch what the interest of children have become today, and the kind of books being read (from Twilight to Devils Wear Prada!), I wonder how some of the great things our generation enjoyed.

I might be called orthodox in some ways, but to think back I learned much more about friendship, adventures and respect for others from Blyton’s books, then I can see from the today’s characters.

I remember how much I loved the Famous Five for it showed me how you can always stick together and solve any problem. I loved The Faraway Tree and Malory Towers for it showed me the power of imagination – everything is possible, if you can dare to dream ! What are we learning from vampires stories of love and women fighting for a place at work. It’s not to say that I don’t like them. I am guilty as charged of these tastes. But what I argue for is that they cannot be the basis of our growing up.

I am thankful to Enid Blyton to give those useful lessons through interesting ways back then. It may be said that I am acting childish to read these books again now, but remember my friends, it is those basic lessons of life in her books that create the base for humanity and friendship in the world.

May we soon find another Enid Blyton in today’s world 🙂

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