Exploring Delhi

After a long wait, I finally had the opportunity to go on a trip around Delhi with my friends. Even after being a resident of Delhi all my life, there was still so much to see and explore. This trip was also important for a non-Delhite friend whom we had promised to take around.

So, here we were 3 crazy girls ready for a whole day trip. It started with the National Museum right in the morning, where we able to gather some bits of history on coins, weapons, paintings, caves etc. It was a nice experience as we soon realized our lack of history knowledge !

And there we hopped on the cute Hop On- Hop Off (HoHo) bus – a Delhi Tourism bus which comes at regular intervals – on which we headed to Red Fort or Lal Quila in Old Delhi. It was the center of Rule for many years in the once strong 17th century Mughal Empire of Shah Jahan. Now it was a red building in the Old City (then known as Shahajahanabad) where Indian Flag stood proudly. It is now the landmark for hosting the flag on Independence day. Right from the marble courtyards to beautiful gardens, the fort was spectacular. It was surrounded by man-made moats once filled with water, and it is still a mystery as to how the water was brought from the once-close-river Yamuna around the fort. The Kings and Queens once resided here and had some of the biggest traders in the market right opposite the fort.

The market known as Chandni Chowk surprises you in more than many ways. We saw a temple, a Gurudwara, a church and a Masjid standing close at this one place. The whole city seemed to have been compressed here with people at every corner.

After a great visit to the Red Fort we hopped on the blue bus again and took to the next wonder called Humayun Tomb. It is a well restored place and a pinnacle of Mughal Art that later ruled North India for a long time. The tomb build in 16th century is the original for Taj Mahal. The Tomb houses graves of many Mughal Emperors and Royals. We, being ourselves, explored every single corner of this beautiful tomb. The gardens, balconies, small canopy like sitting places, huge iron and wooden gates – everything had a character of its own.

It was so mesmerizing that we ended up missing our HoHo bus ! Well after taking the next bus we went to Lajpat Market where we ended our truly memorable day with a glass of fresh Juice.

Yes, it was a small trip. But considering the Marvels these places were, we did justice by giving them enough time and attention. More than anything, it was the company I enjoyed the most. Being with friends and exploring a whole new chapter of history is just too exciting. We did wish we could see more, and decided to come back on the HoHo soon. 🙂


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