Restart, Refresh…..Thank you Mom!


Every reader or writer goes through that phase where you wonder what can you bring forth. This phase was what I went through in the last couple of days/months.

It wasn’t that there was nothing to write about….it was just that I did not know how to write about all of it.

I still don’t.

There is too much data….and too less words to bind it !

To summarize…..what I feel these days is excitement and nervousness.

I have landed my first ever job at the age of 24……quite a long wait, I know !……and the job at a place and industry I used to dream of. It gives me confidence and at the same time jitters of whether I’ll be able to live up to my own and other’s expectations.

In all this fusion of emotions, I just remembered what my Mom said on the morning of the grateful day – “Don’t think of what will happen, Don’t go there to prove something, Give your best and put your soul into it, Do it for yourself……If it is the right thing for you, it will come to you despite all odds.” These were the words I was remembering when my name was announced as selected. I couldn’t believe that the moment when I raised myself above all expectations and competition….I got what I really wanted.

Today…..she said the same thing to me when I am taking the big step into that world. She told me to not be a competitor, but someone above and beyond it.

Her words prompted me to revisit this blog and share it with you all.

I know, a lot of you might think of it as highly idealistic statement, but my Dear Friends…’s easy to be like others, but the difficult path carries better lessons and experiences and you never know – better results! (Mom’s words again!)

So I owe my restart of this Blog to her…..and I hope I can bring a new life to this Smile

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