……and this is how my Blog started.

For me this Blog is another step in the journey to write, share and express.

I still remember distinctly how I started to write poems first, all the way back in 7th  standard. I was never one of those literature fanatics. I liked to read books, but that was it. The only exposure I ever had to poems was through the English course books. I just liked the rhyming words and how they said such big things in those small lines.

And that’s it….just like that, I started rhyming some words and came up with a poem. It wasn’t a great poem, nonetheless a poem.
Thus started my literary journey, and I wrote poems for school magazine, birthday cards etc. Then I moved to reading the work of great poets. But frankly, I do not remember their words. I did enjoyed some, and some I failed to understand. Some become memorable to me for the emotions they wrote about, and some for the words they would choose. In spite of all this, there was something missing – what’s original in my work ? Then I decided that instead of being influenced or inspired, I should follow my own heart and write just the way it comes. It may not be well acclaimed, but it would be my words in the most purest form. And so I started writing.

Then I wondered about writing short stories or articles. It’s a whole different deal to write 1000 words than 10. As I became aware of this great world of bloggers, I founded a better way to go ahead – to write, to express, to share………and this is how my blog started !

From inception to present, this literary journey was exciting, surprising and fruitful. And I thank all those bloggers who took time out to read this.

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