Pay It Forward

In this foggy winter evening, I decide to make myself a good cup of coffee and watch one of the most inspiring movies ever made, and a beautiful adaptation of a great book. To be more frank, the underlying story deserves much more attention than just the great actors.

No matter how many times I watch it, it’s always just as interesting as the first time. Pay It Forward is a story of a kid (Trevor) who is hanging by a thread in his upside down world. In his words, the world is shit. In one of those regular school days, he is a given a small project on coming up with one idea to change the world. His idea – Pay it forward. He does a favor to any person who needs help that he can provide, and instead of anything in return the person has to pay by doing the same kind of favor to 3 other people.

Just a simple thought, started by doing as small a favor as a place to take bath for a lost guy, and it soon spreads across the world. He has no idea what movement he has led, he is just happy to get his world right, his family back and the happiness he has given to others.

That small kid dies doing those favors, but his memory is entrenched in all those hearts whom he reached by paying it forward. This story of the movement by the most unusual person has turned to a be a real movement now. People have tried and felt something greater than just life.

For me the story is just a reminder of that small thing we used be taught in our childhood days – Small gestures mean a lot !

If it means something to you too, do pay it forward 🙂

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