My Grandfather

The last few day I have been connecting with my Grandfather again, and was definitely more than happy to do that. There are some of those times where you wonder that how come I never wrote on this special thing or person. There are times when you want to say something for them too because they deserve a mention.

So let me tell you about my Grandfather

– he is the person who took care of me and my insane childish needs since I was 6 months old !

– he is the person whom I would go to complaint about anyone I don’t like

– he is the person who would always hug me tight and remind me of the bond we share

– he is the person who would take me to the bus stop when I was a kid and won’t go away unless he is sure that I am settled well

– he is the person who would always take me to that sweet shop and get me my favorite sweets without any argument or delay

– he is the person who would always wish and bless me in the morning, without caring about time or his own health

– he is the person who has continuously taught me that no matter how bad is the time, you keep going on

My grandfather might seem like all those grandfathers you might have met, but for me my Daddy ji has always been my idol, and no matter how many words I speak of him they would be less. Calling him Daddy ji for all these years has actually made him a father figure as well a friend for me.

I have kind of named him “Celebrity” for his presence is nothing less. He comes with a bash and unmatchable aura, and when he leaves you do feel that emptiness, as if something is missing.

He started his life from a small village, got educated, learned different languages, did his job with pride and honor and gained the kind of I respect I had never seen for anybody else. No matter where he goes, people greet him and he always asks for their well being. No matter wherever I am, I do meet someone who would end up knowing him.

I cannot be more proud of him. He is that one person I know who has loved me unconditionally for all these years, and whatever I do would always be less than what he has given to me.

There are very few people one sees in their life who are not asking for anything in return of their love. I am extremely lucky and grateful to have that family and a friend in my grandfather.



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