Can Movies be as good as Books ?

Many movies are being made from books these days. The craze have benefited the books industry as it got additional following. But are all those movies really as good as the books they adopt ? To have a look at some (with my personal knowledge and judgement):

Lord of the Rings

I won’t say a perfect adaptation, but yes it is one of those few movies I was glad to see

Harry Potter series

I was happy with the 1st, indifferent to 2nd, and then the graph just plummeted….for a Harry Potter fan the expectations were much higher

Pay it forward

Good actors, great direction, decent effort

Alice in the wonderland

Still can’t believe it was made that way !

Twilight saga

The book still makes that story looks serious

Pride and Prejudice

Old version was still good, but the new version did left a Jane Austen fan unhappy


It was OK, the charisma of Shakespeare is yet to be matched

Jurassic Park

I must say, I was impressed

Schindler’s List

Marvelous I would say, as it did catch the emotions well

There are many movies out there which are good/bad adaptations of the books, but these were some I could remember.

What I can conclude with is that good old books are here to stay as they still have some of that magic which cannot be easily replicated.

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