Ga Ga About MASTERS !

Masters (of economics/psychology….) is definitely in Trend now. Be it the job way or the crisis way, Masters is something people have seriously started considering. It is a great thing, there is no harm in having more intellectuals ! But then “Masters in What”. Go back to university days and there are only 2 buzz words in this area…..MA (or MSc) and MBA.

Life in a B-school is definitely “crazy like hell” 😀

I have been one of those lucky people who got a taste of diverse fields and academic lifestyles (see Blessed). If I have to compare MA and MBA, what do I get…

1. MA: more fun with that great amount of time, supposedly to think

MBA: where is time !

2. MA: books, readings, papers, online journals !!!!!!

MBA: I still haven’t got my library card

3. MA: Writing hundreds of words to explain a concept as deeply as possible

MBA: Write hundreds of words so that people “think” you can talk, and get passed !

4. MA: Living in the world of books

MBA: it does gives me that look into the World of BIZ

5. MA: Who cares about attendance

MBA: It is all about attendance

6. MA: You make some of the greatest friends

MBA: Friends are there, but so is the race for the “best job” !

7. MA: explored Delhi

MBA: forget Delhi, yet to visit the shopping place nearby !

Well….MBA is definitely “not so easy”. It does gives a person like me that cultural shock 😀

But, you do get to learn a lot…..things we would need in that competitive and crazy world. MA is definitely a great experience, MBA is more about practicality.

For all those, who still are thinking of what to go for….listen to your heart and how willing you are to take the stride no matter what people say. And then Just Do it. World would make way for you. 🙂


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