“Secrets of Nagas” By Amish Tripathi – Book Review

This amazing sequel to “Immortals of Meluha” by Amish Tripathi, earlier reviewed by me, is a delight for any reader. It not only connects and takes the story to another level but creates a greater curiosity for the next book. In one line – a perfect 2nd in the Shiva’s trilogy (as the series has been called).

The story takes Shiva, the perceived savior and God, to a place of Dilemma and differing perceptions. He has to continuously rethink of what is good and wrong. The story talks about different empires fighting but realizing (by Shiva and others) that it is not about being good/bad, but about differing perceptions. The evil is somewhere else, and the search is what Shiva’s journey and this book is about. The journey is complex, with reflections on what man becomes and does by just believing in something.

The novel unravels many sides of a man/woman – principles he believes in, curiosity, struggle with past, present and society’s expectations and surviving in difficult circumstances. A number of groups and characters evolve in this one novel, but the beauty is that they are are integrated in such a beautiful manner with great clarity and flow that a reader doesn’t gets confused but enjoys the book.

The book is overall an adventure with lessons at every turn.


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