Mature ?

So often I hear the word “mature” at my college, news, home etc. But often I wonder, what maturity are we talking about. I feel utterly disgusted from hearing the so-called-mature people speaking of important issues such as women safety and rights in such a despicable manner.

Every day, as I switch on the news channel, there is always a snippet of the stupidest remark by some politician of how women should not wear western clothes. or how a so-called-spiritual-guru talks about revising a spiritual mantra at the time. They call themselves mature ! Why for once can’t we think of “How those men should be in control and not rape!”

I am no feminist, and I am not someone planning to be a journalist, a politician or anything close. I am just a student and a resident of Delhi, who is simply appalled by the way our leaders, politicians etc talk about women. 

I though that by the time I would write my second post, justice would be given to the girl who succumbed to the worst of the crimes and torture. But now I believe we have a long way to go.

I hope that now parents realize that pampering their boys more is not going to help them grow, the schools should realize how important gender sensitization is for both girls and boys, and people should realize that the crime is the point of attention and not the victim who is suffering more than what you can imagine.

There are some people who have stood up and fought  or have been at least respectful of the other person irrespective of the gender. I wish there were more of them. I hope that as a society we become more mature and as individuals more aware.

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