What MBA doesn’t tells you

We all want to have great things in life, a great job, success and live our dreams. A lot of MBA students come with these aspirations. But the life can be very different, for there are some things that are not told. Some of them are:

  • MBA doesn’t tells a person how to achieve your dreams, it merely provides a skill to reach it.
  • MBA doesn’t guarantees a great life, but it does guarantees challenges for quite some time.
  • MBA does’t ensures happiness or prosperity, it merely provides a bucket of opportunities which wouldn’t have been open otherwise.
  • MBA is not about being professional, it about being presentable and organized so that you can be called professional (in future).
  • MBA is not a life with extreme competition and rat race, rather it a refined picture of corporate world.
  • MBA is not all about being competitive, which is often considered as the only solution to survive. Rather there is another less discussed version of being Excellent and creating own space despite competition.

It is not to say that MBA is not tough or not good. It is definitely tough and everybody wants a bigger slice of the cake. It is good, as the skills are important.

But it is not essential to achieve your dreams.


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