“The Immortals of Meluha” by Amish Tripathi

After a very long time, I read a book which became the reason of my sleepless nights. It is absolutely difficult to not complete this book.

“Immortals of Meluha” captures its reader in it majestic and unique story. It is a new way of looking at the story of Shiva, the God of Gods, in the Hindu Culture. But I for one, not well aware of the Mahabharta and Ramayana, still enjoyed it a lot. It is written in simple manner, and is not for the ones looking for Booker Prize books (no offence to them). The book is more about the story and the way it has been beautifully created around this humble yet special being, considered as a saviour by a mighty kingdom facing crisis.

It is a brilliant narration of a how peoples beliefs can create certain events, how a person deals with unexpected outcomes and how he ultimately tries to find God in himself.

A beautiful tale, with a great message, it is not one of those stories that you read, cherish and forget. Instead, it is one of those fables, which remain in some corner of your mind and raise a question of what is good, what is divine, and who is God.

The book is unique for it is not about human emotions, romance or society. I believe it to be a search for the difference between good and bad. It is a picture of how complex emotions can be, and yet how simple can our acts be. It is a confluence of various questions unanswered over the ages, with no direct answers being provided, but a path that can lead to some explanation.

So go ahead, and read about the journey of a Shiva – Tribal man, who incredible journey takes him from being a mere tribal, to a leader and to someone almost equal to God.


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