Keep Walking

This poem is written thinking about all those moments when we struggle with what the world pushes on us as well as our own emotions. It is rough, and something which was written sitting in the canteen of my college.
I tell myself that it is ok
That it is going to be fine one day.
I tell myself that it is right
That it is meant to be this way.
But deep withing my beating heart
Something cries out loud with pain.
No matter what I say or do
It still breathes in wain.
I wonder what to do
what can possibly change this.
No way seems to be the right one
And life seems to be too far from bliss.
I still walk the path
I still claim to reach the top.
But somewhere deep I also know
That at somepoint I would need to stop.
I have to understand that life is not easy
I have to live with being a mere human.
I have to take claim for my unfair emotions
and still be able to walk as a proud woman.
No matter how many times I am beaten down
And no matter if I am alone.
What is important is to survive
And still belive in reaching home.

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