Courier guy: “Here are the books you ordered, ma’am”; Me: God Bless You!

Yes, that is the reaction you give when you are utterly bored and tired of just sitting.

My exams are over + weekend with bad TV shows and movies being shown + done more than enough shopping + NO BOOKS TO READ !!!!

Well there were books….only academics. After spending 14 days writing exams I was so not going to touch them at least for another 14 days. So I was looking to read something new, and I couldn’t find anything. The next thing, I jump and sit on my laptop, go to Flipkart and order 4 books (well there was despearation, and there was variety!). Then the wait of 2 days……48 hours……..oh my God, do you know minutes it is! :O

I cooked, googled, youtubed and read the Newspapers again and again (they are really boring these days), but nothing satisfied me. Then came this beautiful sound and I saw a courier guy with the flipkart box in his hand. God Bless You, Courier Guy! 😀

So I am more than happy to have this treausre in my hands, and I cannot wait to finish these books and order more. Even though this is not one of those great posts you’ll read and say WOW, it is one of those posts that you would read and smile and say – “I know. Life can really boring without Books…..That reminds me, I should get another one too” 😉

I would soon be coming up with the reviews, and more cheerful posts 🙂


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