My Hobby: Watching TV Shows and making sure I don’t Miss anything !

I wish I could write this on my CV. But as an MBA student I should understand that companies don’t care about how much TV I watch….but about the sports I play, what I read, if I am good at Poker etc etc etc.

Frankly, I don’t see anything wrong in watching TV shows….in fact I LOVE them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not fond of all of them.

Now just look at Grey’s Anatomy….whether you like it or hate it, it does shows that bit of problems or confusions of life we all face at some point.

See Masterchef Australia…..even if you don’t like cooking, just looking at the awesome food and brilliant hosts is enough to keep you coming back.

Or for that matter…..How I met your mother. Yes, it has gone toooooo long. But it is fun, and awe- wait for it-some ! 😀

I can go on and on about these shows…..and they include a list of those few Indian TV shows as well. Bade Ache Lagte Hai is quite decent. 

Th point of all this is that just like one tries to pass their time with reading books (I do too) or  playing football (so not me)…..watching TV can also be one. Especially, if you become a part of that fan following 😉

But again… cannot be a hobby on my CV!

So I have to do with my other hobbies of reading and writing….I like doing them, but somewhere in my heart during the interview, I would be saying….”Oh, you like Ted from How I met your mother !” 😀

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