Follow your dreams

A lot of times people would come and tell you that you are perfect for this, or that there is not much money in this, or for that matter you are just not capable to do this….and blah blah blah

It is very easy to believe all the talks, and choose the path we are told. We make everyone happy and feel that we have done the right thing.

But what about you – are you happy ? Have you really tested your potential? Have your really done something with true passion?

I know it’s all goody-goody talk, and you would have read it somewhere – But I mean it – Follow your dreams. Or one day you would regret your own work and life, and feel that others responsible for it. You would tell your children or friends later in life of how you wanted to be this, but you couldn’t even try. 

So do what you want to do! Or at least try to do it.

What will happen at most….

someone would get angry – well if they love you, they’ll at least give you a chance to prove yourself

you would fail – so what ! You fall, you rise, and you walk again……dreams are not meant to be just one. You can always have next 🙂

you would make a fool of yourself – if you know that you are doing is right, then just do it. The last time I checked, there is nothing foolish about it.

So, don’t let that moment come where you regret your decisions.

Follow your dreams – give it your best try – if you succeed, YAY, and if not, your life hasn’t come to an end…there is something else waiting for you.

Even though, all of the above might seem all sweet and sentimental talk to you, believe me it is extremely important in today’s world where there are endless options but still a tendency to follow one particular thing.


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