There is always a time when a girl questions herself, of how she has changed. No matter how stubborn she might be, the time catches on and something inside does changes. Reflecting this thought I wrote this poem one night, and wished to share now.


Oh dear, what happened to you

You lovely girl

what saddened you.


You never cared of this world

It never lead you

So how then it changed you.


Those people never bothered you

And you lived you way

But now you are different too.


Yes, life changes

and friends too

But how did it still hurt you.


You were a free bird

and wished to be so.

Then how did it bind you.


Love-hate were just names to you

there was only humanity to follow

But emotions now rule you.


You never felt the need

or the desire for someone

But now loneliness shows on you.


The weather is no more pleasant

and the ice cream no more sweet

Oh dear, how did this stopped you.


Is it happening to you too

Your heart raised questions

Because, now you are no more you.


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