The Long Break

It feels like months have passed since I opened my Blog. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride. I did many, and a lot more, things. The life can sometimes give you so much that mere words are not enough. Something similar happened with me.

So, I will try to quote 5 big things keeping me busy. 

1. Exploring a new world: There was my internship giving me an my first experience of the corporate world.

How was it? I am glad I did it!

2. The big fat Indian wedding: Right from the beautiful Indian attire to the numerous rituals over 4 days, this was the first complete wedding experience for me and would be remembered forever.

3. A complete family: After a long (very long actually) time, the hateful transfers have taken their shadow of our lives, and our nice sweet family gets to be together. The celebration just doesn’t seems to be enough for this.

4. Back to basics: College has started and I get to hang out with my dear friends again. I never thought that I would miss those dark classrooms and long lectures so much!

5. It is Sale Season!: Well, what can I say now 😉

I am a girl…..and I like new clothes, shoes, accessories etc…..and a big sale like this is more than enough to keep me running.

So, there it is the top 5 things which kept me away for a while. There were of course more, with a big share to the awesome time spent with old friends. 

Even being away from WordPress which has been such a good companion…it seemed complete. I realized, it is not what all I do to connect with people or speak out. Rather, it is about the time I spend with the people which are important to me. 



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