Education can’t get you Respect

For all those guys, it feels good to say that I am an MBA or that I am a DOCTOR or for that matter the XYZ WITH THAT OH-SO-AWESOME BANK ! But what’s the point of this when you still live in those old traditional shackles of beliefs.

It is shocking when you see that MBAs are looking for women who do not work or for women who have light jobs such as teaching. Why ? – well they can give maximum time to home and their husbands ! These so called educated and successful to-be-managers won’t say it out loud. But when they would, you just would be shocked. At least I was.

I definitely lost all the respect for them, and more than that pitied them to still be engaged with such mindsets. This is true even when there are girls who are the toppers of the class, the toppers of the university, the leaders in education and at some of the best positions out there – but still you can’t think of being equal to them in every sphere.

You can call me all wrong, even I told that to myself all this time. I was lucky to be born in a family where my education was valued, I was taught to find my own way in this world, I was encouraged to stand equal to guys and perform equally well if not better ! But it is sad to find the reality is different out there.

It is shameful that men today look for modern and educated girlfriends, but modest and less competent wives. I am sorry to offend someone, but this is the experience I had. I wished even in 21st century people were more realistic and think better of themselves that just someones with degrees by their names.

I might not know where I would be tomorrow or how successful will I be, but I do know this that I would not let these irrational beliefs bind me. I know that I would always judge a person first by the respect they give to an individual than with their name or tags with it. I hope and always remind my brother for one to be that way. He knows that if he ever treats a girl badly he would be punished back at home.

So please, it is not to say that every man out there is wrong, but to say that “gain that respect with the man you can be”.  I am not being a feminist here, but a women who has experienced this and knows that there is always a positive side.


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