When it finally rains in Delhi….

I have been waiting for this moment so long. The scorching heat was killing me. The dust and the heat wave for making me feel like a chicken been roasted in a microwave ! (No Offence to vegetarians)

For last 8 weeks, I had to travel in dust and heat to one of those cement jungles with air conditioned offices. I kind of understood the point of people fighting to be a part of that indoor life. But the reality is that there is a huge world outside those silverish walls, and you cannot escape it.

After getting tanned and kind-of-baked in the summer, there is a finally one evening when I was more than willing to step out. Just one lazy day when I switch on my A/C and TV, I hear tip-taps on my window. I peep outside and see rain drops – that was really like a dream !

Wow…..cannot describe the feeling of that cool wind gushing from the gap of the door, and the earthy smell of a really thirsty garden outside. The whole nature seemed to have come to life. Even if it was not for long, it definitely created a magical sensation that lingered for hours.

Nothing……absolutely nothing……can beat a really nice and cool rain in a record summer.

Oh, I so wish the monsons come soon and I can walk in those floaters and jump on those water puddles on the road. I so wish for that day when I come out and smile with the lovely smell and freshness in the air, rather than hurriedly opening my umbrella to protect from the tan !

Please Dear God….do let those silver droplets shine and fall again.


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