“Overload” By Arthur Hailey- Book Review

The last week was pretty tough. It was one of those times when you are just restless and nothing seems to be enough. But one book came to my rescue – Overload by Arthur Hailey.

The book follows an interesting plot/story of an electricity generating company GSP&L in California, the power crisis not so far in time, strong opposition to new plants and those few people who liked to say their point with a bang (in this case, explosives killing GSP&L employees). The book presents both for and against views well. It shows the interaction amongst different characters, issues involved, views and perspectives in an interesting manner.

It follows Nim, a sincere employee of GSP&L, someone who realizes need for power and pushes for new setups, outspoken and straightfoward, and at the same time a person who does makes mistakes, realizes them and tries to mend.

The novel does starts slow and a bit boring. But the moment you begin reading about unexpected things happening at GSP&L and plans for more, then it is just difficult to put this book down.

The best part, according to me, is the way different characters from different backgrounds have been portrayed and made part of this one story. Besides GSP&L at the center of this play, there is a journalist looking for spice and reality behind words, an organization fighting for environment, an employee doing his job with utmost sincerity and ready to oppose even the powerful, a so-called-leader mending his ways to create panic, and a quadriplegic who doesn’t gives up easily. In this novel, there are many stories creating one big picture.

My review: I would give it 3.5/5.



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