Surprise, Surprise

Well, it’s not everyday that you come across something that really surprises you and forces you to look for more. It did happened with me this time….

It started with a desperate search for a tourist destination. I do need a break ! It was by chance that I thought of “glancing” at the State government sites to see what is their that they recommend. But, WOW !

I must say this… was truly INCREDIBLE. This was the heart of Incredible India, this was Madhya Pradesh

The site was not just beautiful, catchy and experiential. It made you look forward to the next thing. It provided you the best of the glimpses of Indian culture in one click. It truly brought the hidden treasures of this country alive.

I might be going a bit overboard, but hey…..a good work deserves a clap 🙂

For all those years that I thought and hated slow, boring, text-only government websites, this was one particularly awesome exception. This site is definitely the next big step to let tourists know that there is much more there to see.

The one thing I know for sure now is that I am “soon” going to a beautiful place called Madhya Pradesh !




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