What development ???

India is Shining…….India is Growing……India is Developing……

Yes, it all sounds nice. And I feel proud to hear such things. But is this really true, or are we forgetting the downturns in the the celebration of a few good deeds.

A few days back, I read articles (again) on how India is ready to lead the world, how it is going to be a major economic force etc etc. I am glad that even today we are able to create jobs and are facing somewhat favorable markets rather a complete downturn. Yes, you might call that growth. But, is that Development ?

I am one of those millions who travel daily by public transport. I have to see the thousands walking on the roads which barely have a walking space. I have to ensure that I leave office before it gets dark, becasue the city is unsafe. I have to walk through that dust cloud everyday which surrounds the office areas thanks to bad (and barely any) roads.

What we call the metros, are increasingly becoming concrete jungles. You can build number of blue and shiny buildings in Gurgaon, but what about the basic roads which are the links to all ! You can introduce all kind of low floor buses in Delhi, but what about traffic rules that are openly flouted. You can introduce as much of new schemes for poor, but whats the point when the concerned doesn’t gets a clue !

We are good, indeed amazing, at writing laws, policies, theories etc on how to “develop”. But development is not about those hundreds of pages in leather cover books, its beyond that. It is the life of a normal person. It is the ground on which we walk. It is the breaths of a city.

I am a proud citizen and I am happy of various good things like Metro, flyovers, more colleges, more offices and better incomes. Even then, these things are the “means” to development and not the “ends”. Those ends require much more work and much more dedication which I am sure we all have. I believe with more open dialogue, fast implementation, and better judgement we can reach that level.

Throwing away the poor to build a cement block is not the solution, but creating the jobs that result in societal upliftment is.

What do you think about it ?


4 thoughts on “What development ???

  1. Very well said Sonika!
    Though, I would like to add few more things here…development is more of societal concept, no “government” can ensure development unless the society matures…today the roads are unsafe after dark because the people and their mentality, the law is also to be blamed because the criminals are not convicted but that is also because our society has come to accept corruption/power play. We take pride in saying, “tujhe pata hai mein kaun hu”, we believe we are above the law. There is only so much that the laws/policies can do…the implementation of the laws is in the hands of people like us, who opt for politics, ias/ifs/ips and instead of changing the system, we change ourselves because the society accepts us that way. Its a vicious circle, which needs to be broken if we want to develop in the true sense…

    • Thanks Sonal for visiting the blog. 🙂
      I agree with you. At the end of day, we people are the society.I hope one day we get the courage to question and change this system.

  2. i agree with sonal here. see sonika the government can do whatever in the end it’s the people who make the difference. u talk abt traffic rules being violated openly, but there is little the government can do abt that right? i mean the people, the general population have to do their part as well. think abt it.

  3. Hi Arjun, I wished I would have seen that Spam box and approved your comment on time ! Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. I am delighted to hear you opinions and respect them.

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