It seems like years that I visited my blog. The last four weeks went so fast. What did I did…..I don’t even know where to start.

I joined a new internship, and finally got a taste of the working life – 12 hrs of computer, endless tea and coffee, team work, research, good criticism etc etc…..bottom line – it is a good change !

I went to a friend’s engagement – grand lunch, brilliant ceremony, awesome friends, bonfire, aura of Dehradun’s most beautiful area and the wonderful weather, sleepless nights, long – slow yet enjoyable 10 hrs train journey !

I met old friends – the charm of old things just keeps on getting better πŸ™‚

I tried cooking – I am truly bad at it, and now officially banned from the kitchen ! I guess its better to just watch Masterchef then trying to be one.

I watched brilliant movies – “Kahaani” and “Paan Singh Tomar”……respect !

Mom said never talk to strangers – but one of those strangers helped me reach back home when I got lost in that weird place (I still don’t know its name)

I hate e-books – in my opinion they have killed the charm of reading books + I always doze off and still not able to complete mere 150 pages book :/

Going bankrupt – learned my lesson to always check the price tag carefully before payment –Β I JUST MISSED ONE ZERO

Well, I had some great, funny, cherishing and beautiful moments in the last 4 weeks. And yet, I wait for the new things and new memories to be remembered πŸ™‚


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