Life is a box of chocolates….and I got a good one this time :)

The last 10 days I had to go through some grueling time with exams on my head. It could have been appopriately called “a series of unfortunate events”. There were an awful series of 6 papers back to back with all kind of students activities happening in between. Barely 12 hrs between some papers is the worst that can happen to a student scared of both finance and operations.  To add to this disaster taking place, there was a Harvard case study in a finance paper !…..the question paper was lengthier and heavier than my answer sheet 😀 The nights were horrifying with the wait to give the paper next morning, and sleep was a rare phenomenon. But as they all say, bad things do come to an end. And finally these exams did too.

The first thing that I did was to gather that little bit of sleep I badly needed. Then of course, all the “not-so-awesome” movies I missed. But the best part of all, which made the end so much better, was the news of “My Friends Are Getting Married.” Not one or two….but Three. I was happy, elated, excited and tensed (what am I going to wear !).

Suddenly, all my friends are getting married. There were so many  thoughts going through my mind

– what is happening to all of them !!!!

– they are so lucky to find “the one”

– wow, they’ll be doing all the shopping now

– finally, i’ll get to wear some nice wedding type clothes….given that I have not attended one in a really long time

– i’ll do the invitations, that’s the best part

– Shit, now my parents would start thinking of my marriage !

– I need to reserve my excitement a bit !

And yes, those are the crazy thoughts that cross my mind. But nevertheless, I am one happy person right now and would live this moment like a Queen 😀

One thing I have learned in last few days, life is a mix of good and bad – I can either look at the bad and keep crying over it. Or, I can look at the good and smile for it. This one moment definitely deserves a Big Smile 🙂

2 thoughts on “Life is a box of chocolates….and I got a good one this time :)

    • Thanks Vinishka. I really appreciate the nomination. I hope you keep getting more awards as your poems are so good ! I would not be writing much on Versatile Blog again as I have done that previously. But would love to write on the Sunshine Award nomination.
      Thank you again. It was really special.:)

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