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Well, even with the exams just a few days away I cannot rest without having a small peek at my blog. I was recently nominated for another Versatile Blogger award ! I actually can’t believe that it came my way twice. Well, getting some free time now, I decided to carry the tradition of this award forward by writing this post.

The last time, I did not understand the award well enough to praise it properly. So, I decided to use this opportunity well. The award carried certain rules with it which I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

I would like to thank Sarah for nominating me for this award. I would thank too again for nominating me previously for this award.

7 things about me:

  1. I absolutely love chocolates, mangoes and ice creams
  2. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen
  3. Poems is best way I find to express true feelings
  4. I am one of those people who love to stay with their family. I think they are the best thing that have ever happened to me.
  5. I love to go out with friends and chat over a cup of coffee. I can be called the “brand ambassador” of Barista and Cafe Coffee Day for I have tried every single item on their menu.
  6. I cannot sit in a place for long. I love to walk and think the most then. This habit has given quite a me bad pain in legs during exams !
  7. I love to watch TV series – right from Criminal Minds to FRIENDS all over again !

Coming to the creative and versatile fellow bloggers, the following are the 15 whom I just can’t help but read !

  1. Elizabeth writes so beautifully on some of the happening of the world. Her photographs and posts are not just interesting and binds the reader.
  2. Vikram writes poems, books, reviews and all the creative aspects one can think of. His style of writing is what I found most intriguing.
  3. She has brought soem beautiful poetry and thoughts across. Her snippets of life are something one can always relate too.
  4. Her poems are beautiful and describe the small life experiences really well.
  5. She is genuine, creative and says right from her heart.
  6. Steven brings out some of the most amazing facts and beauty of this world though his blog
  7. His poems are different and refreshing. They always leave you with a thought.
  8. Ashmita writes interesting posts on the interesting life experiences and the happening around us
  9. Sarah’s creativity has always been an inspiration and her words a great encouragement.
  10. funny, creative, different…these are the words I always relate with this blog
  11. the blog is written in beautiful poetry which always leaves you wondering and waiting for the next post
  12. beautiful photography and intriguing description
  13. Kriti brings out some thought provoking posts and insights
  14. some of the best book reviews one can read
  15. interesting posts on advertisements, media and entertainment world

Go ahead and nominate more for i believe every blogger has brought something new here 🙂


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