It Feels Good….ta n na n na

Ohhh Finally…..the picture of “Freshly Passed Blogs”, the feel of typing madly on my keypad, the numerous “New Post” mails in my gmail inbox, the nice feel of going through some awesome posts, and of course – the feel of just looking at my blog !!!! Nothing can beat that feeling.

My blog is now like a baby I just can’t leave for long. I had to come back. Every time I opened my laptop I had this urge to put rather than or my regular academic site (arrrghhh). I had told myself to not blog during my exams…not to even open the site. But, then my alter ego convinced me that the exams are still a few days away and I can totally take some time out…..come on, how much can it hurt !

So here I am….a proud blogger.

To tell you the truth, I had been a bit naughty in the last few days. Me being myself, decided to take some time out even in the busiest of days.

Recently, there was Holi in India (mainly Northern India). It a festival of colours, happiness and joy. Right in the morning I got up with some color on my face (having siblings can sometimes be dangerous). Then I had some amazing sweets – mainly gujiya. Then, of course, I launched myself into the battlefields of coloring others. There was a garden of colors, and I was smiling right from 9.00 in the morning to 9.00 at night. It was a truly memorable festival that leaves only joy behind.

Today, as I sat on my laptop, I could not stop from opening my blog and sharing my joy and life on it. Untill now, I haden’t given a heading to this blog…but now have…..the song that just kept on going in my mind since I opened my blog…..I FEEL GOOD Ta n na n na…..oh, yeah, I do !!!!

As we always say at Holi,

Wish all of you a Great and Colorful life too.


5 thoughts on “It Feels Good….ta n na n na

  1. Love it! Sadly I had to miss the color festival last weekend, but was doing a fabulously pampered cooking class instead, a belated Vday surprise from the boyfriend. So glad you were able to make it – I hope to go next year!! I want to just spend all day walking around brightly colored having people look at me like a weirdo. lol 😉

    Lovely post my friend!

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