Tick Tock Tick

The dreadful, horrible, tiring, confusing (and as many adjectives as you want) time has come…..my EXAMS are coming up. It is that time when I want to SLEEP the “most” and STUDY the “least,” and I emphasize again – SLEEP the “most” !

I decided that I would not do any chatting today or write for my blog all those silly yet awesome things in life. I did took the pains of opening my Financial Management Book and managed to look for the chapter in the course (I am sure the students can empathize with me in being lost). I read and tried my best to concentrate. Then I reached – SUMMARY – Wohoooo, the chapter is over….Yeeee….I am Free !!!

Excited, elated, happy, joyful and what not….I turn the page (A very big mistake) and OMG – Who in the world writes a question as long as This !!!! Trust me when I say this. It was literlally or factually covered over 1 and half page. My heartbeat had stopped. The only thought I had – I am DOOMED !

Then EUREKA…..I have awesome and genius kinda friends who love to teach. Where else can they find a person who is so desperate to learn. There I go, make a call and get the presentations of the chapters with exam like questions (i.e normal length, few numbers, a bit theory, solvable, less scary kinda questions). What a RELIEF.

I look at those PPTs and suddenly feel at the top of the world….I know Everything. Those questions can actually be Solved. And more importantly, I covered 3 chapters in the same amount of time. God Bless those sweet souls who made these PPTs. I just hope that there is some easy (ok fine, just a clarity in concepts would do) way to study other dreadful subjects.

MBA is not easy…especially when there are 8 subjects and you have to start from scratch ! Some people say that it is also not that difficult, just time consuming and requires a lot of multitasking. But my view – Oh come on, now from what angle is that easy !

I wish these exams get over well and soon. But more than that, I hope I still get time to look at the other side of life. 

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