We all at some point of time get obsessed with something. We cannot imagine of ever being away from it – be that a person, a thing or even an idea. In retrospect, I had some weird and some good (for fun and great memories) obsessions. I decided to have a review of how far I went in loving those things ! To have a look, there are 5 obsessions I can clearly identify with….I hope there are some people out there who would be able to relate to them.


Ok, you have to agree they TOO good !!! I still remember how I bought an entire stack of chocolates and hid it under my bed. I was so scared that my younger brother would take a bite. Thanks to this fear, 14 chocolates were eaten in just ONE night (yeah, that’s true). That was literally the best thing to eat in those days. I would buy chocolate muffins in the morning while going to school, then buy a chocolate bar in the break time, then coax my grandma in the afternoon to get another, and finally at dinner get my dad to give me a bite of those chocolates he saved to treat his so-called-well-behaved kids !

Nancy Drew

I was absolutely in love with the character, and my obsession when to a level where I would start investigating anything wrong in my friends community. I would go with my other (submissive to my demands) friends to investigate any missing bicycle or the reasons behind the closing of our favorite sweet shop. We did found out about the internal disputes and some license issue. I also remember going around the locality in afternoon for hours just to find the mother of a puppy we found in our backyard. The books are still there in my lower shelf, and I must have read each of them at least twice.


Now, that is a bit understandable….who likes to wear the same old socks! During my teenager days, I hated to wear the same socks again, even if it was for just a few hours. That was the time ankle length socks had just come and were available at Reebok or Adidas showrooms. They were quite expensive, but of course my obsession did not cared about that. I must have had 12 pairs of them – now they are just a memory. I won’t go to play if there was no new/washed pair of sock available to wear.


This came during my 11th and 12th standard. I was a nerd and would study for hours. The only incentive for that was watching movies in my break. I would watch a-movie-a day during that time – old movies, new movies, flop movies, great movies, unknown movies, weird movies, baddest of all movies, too slow movies, repetitive movies, non-understandable-foreign-language movies etc etc….name it and I must have watched it. Thankfully, my eyes are still in good shape.

TV series

It happened, and it happened for a long-long time. The traces of this obsession are still there ! It started with FRIENDS and it went on till The Big Bang Theory. I still am bit obsessed with Criminal Minds…..Mathey Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson are so good. I would adjust my pillow, keep the remote right beside my hand and sit to watch those awesome series for hours. They would be repeated and watched more than often. I would get seriously offended by any interference, and my obsession went to a level where I would start calling my Friends by names of Joe and Pheobe.

These obsession might not be active now, but they are not completely dead.

There might be many obsession that you would have had in your lives. These is no shame in talking about them – it was you and your unconditional love for something ! It would be nice to hear about others too.

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