When even chocolate tastes bitter

I open my blog, I go through it and then I feel too tired to type a word. This is amount of laziness the can creep in when one has a bad cold and fever ! I did my best to stay away from it but that green apple mojito and that Gelato ice cream were too good to resist.

I did suffered for my craving for “awesome” food. And I have learned the hard way to keep it in limits. But, being myself, how could I resist the temptation of having that chocolate so proudly standing in that vending machines. Yes, finally, my college has got a snacks vending machine. It was funny at first, then interesting and then a craze. People would initially just observe its presence in that one corner. They would stand and discuss who would try to test their money, and then finally one brave hungry soul came forward – me !

I thankfully managed to get the chocolate and was craving to have that melting flavor in my mouth. But as bad as it could have been, instead of that heavenly chocolaty flavor I tasted bitterness. It was a sad moment for a chocolate lover. And from there I got my lesson, better get well to really enjoy the sweetness of life or else my bitter would make other things taste bad !


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