Amazing Indian Fast Food

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go with my friends for some awesome Indian snacks. It was, as always, an amazing experience. I decided to share some of those delights with other fellow bloggers.

1. Jalebi – a really sweet delight which is first deep fried and then put into a sugary syrup for that perfect flavour. The crunch and sweetness just make you get lost in another world. And of course, not to forget the unique shape which is easy to eat !

2. Samosa –  a sweet snack filled with potata mix or nowadays even peas or chicken mix !

3. Bhel puri – a mix of sweet, salty and tangy ! This is the snack no one would want to miss.

4. Gol Gappey – a food and fun mix, this delight is filled with “mint and spices” water, sweet chutney with bits of potato and white peas

5. Malpua – This is from Kolkata city of India. It is a wonder for all those with a sweet tooth.

6. Kulfi – something like ice cream but with a more richer taste and texture ! A Must Have for anyone

7. Kachori –  a fried snack stuffed with dry masala or with onion mix. It is what I love to have on those rainy evenings.

8. Ras malai –  an amazing sweet (served cold) dish made from milk. It is light and soft and simply melts in your mouth.

I hope I have given some good ideas for the all the foodies out there.

P.S. Courtesy – Google Images !

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