The Book in the Future: Collecting Memories

We all have some happening and some mis-happenings in our lifetime. Some of us tell us stories to our friends, parents, children and then someday our grandchildren ! Some of us leave memoirs in photographs, in stories or in videos. But there also some who leave written words sketching their life’s. I hope then some day even I can reach that level of inscribing the words of my life. It’s a long way, but looking back, I do have gathered some special moments.

1. Going around in Connaught Place market with a friend, we found that whatever we wish for comes true ! We wished we could get a nice pair of earrings and Wow! a great accessories shop just at the next step. We wished for a particular book by an Indian author, and there it is – just at the rack in front of us. We wished for a Samosa (Indian snack) and Oh My God ! We found one of the biggest samosas being sold in Delhi.

2. The memories from  how every year we go to see the Road Show (something like a carnival) that happens during Dussehra festival and the great memories of those lights all around

3. How I would go and explore all the various governement libraries across the City – trust me, some of them are really OLD and unique. There are some with unheard books and some with amazing collection.

4. The trips to different national parks – one where couldn’t see a tiger even in 2 days, one where you can go only with a private vehicle, one where there are more people than animals, and one that is actually worth seeing for any birds lover !

5. The trip to a village and a social institution called Barefoot in Rajasthan and spending a week there –  that food, beautiful clear skies, ground realities, taking water from a well, moving around in a truck, going to farms etc

6. Spending 6 hours with friends in a Coffee Lounge with just 2 orders ! This with the fact that out of 5 friends, 3 were on a fast.

7. The way four friends decorated a hostel room (belonging to two other friends) with crazy stuff like posters in Superman style ! It was decided to be unofficially the room for 6 of us, rather than just 2. It was a second home for day scholars like me, and the place where we sang, made jokes, had 4 people putting a Saree (Indian wraparound dress) for one friend, watched movies, decided the plans and many more things.

8. The story of how I tried to play basketball, volleyball, football, chess etc and didn’t found them so interesting. I liked swimming and ended up learning backstroke before front stroke. My teacher is still not able to figure out how !

9. How my life turned from being an almost Professor to now an almost Financial Analyst in the making !

10. Cutting 3 cakes, and not one, on my B’day being celebrated over 3 days !

These are just some snippets of what life was. There are so many great stories which are still to be framed into chapters. There are so many to come with time. The book may not be a popular one or an award winner. But it would be a story of a girl who had a life filled with friends, family, small experiences, confusion, ambition and dreams. She was a girl who would find happiness in small things. She would love the smell of wet sand in rains. She would go about to explore the world her own way. She might not be the greatest you would know in your history books, but she would be the one who would have made tried her best to get her dreams, made others happy, and brought joy to this world ! 

The last line of the book would end with just one line: And thus I continued to swim across the sea of life.





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