Finding Happiness

Do we have to always win to be satisfied in this life? Sometimes losing to my brother on a game and making him smile seems more worthwhile !

Just like this I remember some of those small moments that made me happy or smile.

I remember the time when while crossing a road I see two child beggars sitting at the platform and sharing biscuits. There is only a piece left that the brother tells his little sister to take. And the sister tells the brother the same. She then breaks that small piece in 2 pieces and shares it with him. There is an innocent smile on their rather withered faces. Even in that place, they have found their share of happiness.

I also remember, one of those weekdays, as I take the rickshaw in the morning to my college, the rickshaw puller takes the money and prays to god. He thanks him for life and fortune. And I wonder what in that mere amount satisfied him so much.

Again, as I look back, I remember an incident of the waiter at one of those small restaurants. He always served every customer with a smile, while he would be running around crazy. Not even once in the 3 hours I spend there did I saw him being tired of serving to those endless demands. Instead, he came back to make sure that we found the food good and if he can serve us better.

There are many others who have brought those small moments of life together and showed the real meaning of happiness. These are the people whom I am proud to meet. Whenever I see my senior who showed immense amount of courage at placements despite her selection bias because of being handicap, I feel proud to know her. I realize that life is not about running a race, but about taking it in the right spirit.

These are the people, whom you may not consider as a some one who can make you laugh. They are the people who remind us that smile just awaits us in different forms. It’s up to us to see it, understand it and accept it.



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