Once The Pride of the City

In the heart of the city Delhi lies an often forgotten or ignored road. It is just one of those “always jammed” roads you’ll hate to pass. It’s filled with dust and you can barely walk in calm.

Yes, it was on one those roads I saw a hidden treasure.

While passing these roads I saw the houses above the congested shops – rusted over the time, with broken borders and withered paint. But one particular thing, often ignored, was the features of the house – the intricate balcony design, the wooden doors, and the unique windows. These were the houses build more than 3 decades back. They were the kind of houses my grandparents would have build.

Such houses were mostly owned by the businessmen of the times. There was no traffic at that time, but beautiful open roads with people passing by and appreciating the spread of the shining white houses. The houses stood in pride and demanded respect for the glamour, rather than being ignored by the passers buy as the broken and decaying buildings which have just narrowed the roads and added to the chaos. These houses were once people dreamt of, and not the ones people thought as ordinary.

Now they are just some buildgins on the side of the road, not important or deserving any attention.

How easily are these pearls of the those times forgotten. We often in the race of time forget what treasures we build in the past, but these treasures were build by some great talents.

Sometimes it’s interesting to have a peek of the old chapters our elders had lived.

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