Love for Books

In the past few days I had the pleasure of meeting some of the great readers of our time. I would respectfully give them the title of “Book-o-holics.” Mind it, this title is being given after great efforts and immense love for books. I hope that someday I can get into this club !

People do many things for books. Some of them I observed:

1. You just bought a stack of books/a huge shelf from that precious amount of money you earned

2. Even “chocolates” lying in front of you are unable to divert your attention from the books

3. You are no more interested in the lunch time passing by

4. You are reading books while the lectures are going on

5. The first thing you notice while entering college/school -THANK GOD, LIBRARY IS OPEN !

6. You are beyond the golden stickers on the books stating the prize they have won – you are now into a greater sea of knowledge

7. A clean room without any book is a freaky place for you

8. You cannot believe that people travel by plane or train without a book !

9. During that night long crazy party you are thinking – It was better to read what George would have done next to save Brittany, than to attend this utterly boring party ! (A case might also be that you carry a book with you.)

10. You are member of numerous online and physical libraries and get depressed if the laptop stops working for a day – Life is incomplete !






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