5 – Star

Bad mood or great mood – a chocolate can get enumerable excuses !

I got on the wagon on one of such excuses to get myself a 5-star. Now many would be wondering what chocolate is this. Well, it’s a (better) version of Mars from Cadbury (now Kraft Foods), which is extremely popular in India. Indeed, because of its spectacular market share Mars and other foreign brands couldn’t stand for long in the Indian market – and this wasn’t due to flavors or prices.

What makes 5 star so popular – the second largest brand in chocolates ?

To a great extent, it is about the marketing.

5-Star was launched in 1969, in a golden wrap (with a touch of purple) showcasing the beautiful chocolaty delight with caramel and nougat.

The unique packing became the brand image of 5-star.

The 5 satr taglines were also alluring and unique:

“deliciously rich, you’d hate to share it”

“‘lingering taste of togetherness”

“Soft and Chewy 5 Star”

“Get lost”

It was always showing the desirability of the product.

In 2005, to revive the market Cadbury relaunched 5 Star (with more golden!) and also brought a new variant – 5 star Crunchy for the chocolate lovers. It is the same taste with a crunch now.The variant was such a run away success that 5 Star’s market share jumped by almost 50% post it’s launch!

One of the unique features for 5 Star’s popularity is the delicious dual (5 Star is an exemplary combination of Chocolate & Caramel) eat experience that it provides to the consumer.

5-star has been such a success in India that it would soon sweep the taste buds of other countries populations. It is an incredible example of localization of international companies – understanding Indian flavors, desires and mentality when choosing chocolates – they have to be closer, popular, and tasteful.

5-Star brand has been able to create a history for itself, and it would be interesting to see how other brands can compete against it !




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