Timeless Books

There are always those books that you remember. They have left that mark in your mind. I would be difficult to name all, but 7 timeless books for me would be the following:

1. Animal Farm –  brilliant satire !

2. Calvin and Hobbes – what i call an “epicomic” !

3. Inspite of the Gods – what a way to write India’s growth story

4. Pride and Prejudice – still makes my heart throb

5. The Old Man and the Sea – Writing at the level of brilliance !

6. The Ascent of Finance – Never thought I would say it, but finance can be interesting

The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World

6. Wuthering Heights – The story still grips me in its deep emotions

7. Catch 22 – Engrossing and more !


No matter where I am and in what time, these books would always be at my top shelf.



2 thoughts on “Timeless Books

  1. I’ve only read 5 of the books on your list and I’ve loved all of them (with the exception of Wuthering Heights, which I think is because I read it at a young age), which makes me even more compelled to check out the other two books on your list.

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