Finding love

The last few days I have seen so many friends of mine been struck by love. Some are getting engaged, some getting married and some have finally found where their heart lies.

ME….I am still happily single ! I don’t really mind it. There is so much in life to look forward too, and I don’t feel the need to have that one person to spend my whole day with. It may also be that I am a little selfish as I am not into sharing my life right away. My friends argue against all this and tell me only one thing – “You are yet to find love sweetheart. Unless you fall in love, you won’t understand it.”

Is it really that important to have that one guy I would love to hang with, talk and share my life? I do have some great friends and my family whom I love the most. I do not feel that gap in my life, as of now.

It is not to say that I am not looking forward to that funny feeling in my stomach and that wait for someone’s glance. Yes, I am all romantic and mushy. I dream and sing and wonder what would be my story.

What I believe in is We all find love, but I am in no hurry.

Let it take its time, and I would not mind for that perfect moment to come with a bit of a delay. As they say, patience gives sweet results.






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