Literary Journey: From fiction to non-fiction

It  has been quite a long time since I have written anything. Not a great way to proceed for my passion, but sometimes even students can get busy !

Recently, I went to the bookstore and promised myself to buy non-fiction (not textbooks) rather than my regular flavour – as fictitious as it can be ! I finally bought Fool’s Gold by Gilliard Tett and Execution by Ram Charan & Larry Bossidy. The last few days were in reading these good, engrossing, a little difficult but insightful books. (I just couldn’t find one word for it)

I must say that after reading romantic, thriller and suspense stories which bring a flow of emotions in me, moving to a more intellectual side of books wasn’t easy. Why I call it intellectual is because of the perception until now.

I must say that non-fiction is filled with those emotions we are attracted to – love, anger, hate, beauty. I, being a famous day dreamer (my teachers can vouch for that) fiction was the soul. Those beautifully described lives with surprising plots or inspiring roles were like a nourishment to my dreamy mind.

After quite some months of observing so many students with non-fictions in their hands, I decide to have some courage and go for the long stride. So, I went ahead and read the 2 books as above in the last few days of hibernation.

I realized that non-fiction is not all about intellect – though a large part is. It also sheds light on human behavior, reality of societies, developments around and brings one back to earth. Is it really good ? Well, I liked the books though not loved them as my old fictions. But they did gave me the picture to realize some facts.

What I can say is that fiction can also be seen to imbibe the creativity with the facts from the non-fiction world.

To conclude, why should there be a trade – off (in the perfect management language) when we can learn from both !


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