Have a look outside, there is a bigger world

There are so many times when we get worried of our own problems (size doesn’t matters). It seems that the World has ended for us. We blame everyone around us. It feels that our pain would never end. If things get too bad we even blame God for doing this to us, and no more trust the people around.

Such time comes in everyone’s life, including me. And it would be very simple to say – have faith in yourself, don’t give up hope, it would get better etc. But I know that these words do not soothe that pain in your heart. So what do we do ? How do we let our heart soothe, and think in a more positive way ?

Well, I am no expert, but have learned something from my own experience. If you just observe the world around, just have a look outside your own small universe, you’ll see many people who would be trying to find happiness in difficult times. OK, may be you don’t want that – you are a different person, and don’t want to be compared. Fair enough. Still, have a look. There are people who are sharing light moments with you. Take this blogging for that matter. Just read about a woman who loves her cat, that poem which makes you remember your stupid act, that picture of a valley that you wish to visit, and that humorous story of youth an old man shares. And just like that, for those moments, you would Smile….you would forget the pain. It may not go away, but at least you’ll get that bit of a positive energy to think better.

You’ll see that the world is not just bad….its good too.

That people are not just to hurt you….they make you smile too.

That pain is always there…..but then there is healing too.

You may not like this or not believe in this. I respect your thoughts. But if someone still wants some break – what are you waiting for, go surf more blogs and Smile once more !


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