10 exciting things about economics

Economics may sound like a dry subject , but I went ahead to study  for the love of it, and I’m glad to do so. From my experience I can point out at least 10 things that makes Economics exciting.

 1. It’s an amazing opportunity to understand how markets work, countries work, money moves, government runs and development happens

 2. You don’t have to worry about being top in everything, you can choose what you like – development theories, international trade, political theories, econometric and more

 3. You don’t have to be an expert in Maths – just a basic knowledge would do, to analyze the trends and see the possibilities.

 4. There is nothing wrong or right in economics – as theories are made on assumptions, and you can always create one more

5. It is a great platform to understand the integrated roles of money, assets, politics, society, environment, maths etc

6. Thanks to the Crisis, it is popular way to see what went wrong, how it went wrong and how can we correct it

7. It is a great way to increase the amount of reading you do – trust me, it’s huge !

8. You interact with some great minds and gather various opinions

9. You become more tolerant to other subjects as you see their relevance in yours

10. You are free to choose your view as no one says that you cannot critique or follow blindly


2 thoughts on “10 exciting things about economics

  1. Great compilation!

    However, I would put your third point in brackets. Without a sound understanding of mathematics, you will have a hard time becoming a successful economist. At least, studying economics will be tough.

  2. Thanks for the comment – really appreciate it ! And also agree to a some extent.
    What I have pointed out is that one does not need to be an Expert in maths. Yes, an extra amount of effort goes in there, but it is not a roadblock if you want to pursue economics.

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