First Day !

First Day of my BLOG, and I am thinking of what can I start with.

Would it be my experiences of life, my knowledge of a few things in the world, my curiosity to know and tell more or just what I feel coming in this huge world of bloggers !

Well, if there is something that I would share the most on this blog, it would be my passion for Economics !

But, just hold on…..there is more ! There would be poetry, awesome books, great stories and some experiences that have taught me a great deal.

Just to share on of them, I was inspired to write this blog by a friend who said that “what is the value of that knowledge and learning which cannot be shared.” A simple statement, with a great meaning.

This is exactly what I hope to put in forward – something exciting, new, rich and straight from the heart.

Hope, you guys would enjoy it. And if it was not that interesting till now, well….Just Wait and Watch !!!


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